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If you ever thought about a career in court reporting I am sure you have thought about how tough it would be to get started.

You are right.

Reporting the spoken words of multiple people speaking at around 220 words per minute is a tough career to master. It takes serveral years of dedication and practice to become . If you have what it takes, court reporting can be a very happy and successful career choice.


The U.S. News and World Report placed court reporting as one of the best careers to have. The magazine says the outlook for court reporting is looking good. Jobs are on the rise and will grow by as much as 14 percent through the year 2020. This growth rate is as fast as the average for all occupations according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.


As a court reporter, your skills have a greater scope than just within the legal system and can be applied outside of the court room. According to U.S. News “Some reporters work as webcasters, recording company events such as financial earnings reports and press conferences; others work as broadcast captioners, using a stenotype machine to post captions on television programs for deaf viewers.”


Great court reporters are well rounded individuals. What makes a great court reporter is someone that has interest in current events, are computer literate and have an above average verbal comprehension skills. At Accurate Court Reporting, we hire only the best reporters nationwide. We screen our reporters to see if they meet our requirements of professionalism and skill.


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