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Win with Trial Presentation Software!

The blog post Win with Trial Presentation Software! was created to Accurate Court Reporting Services

For an attorney, presenting the facts the best way possible could be the hardest part of the job. Trial presentation software can help attorneys gain an edge in any case.

WINNING with trial presentation software
Whether you are gearing up for a deposition, a courtroom trial, or needing to perform court transcription services, trying to determine which software to choose can be a daunting task, and one that can cost you hundreds of dollars and a lot of wasted time.

I’m Here To Help!

Latest Trial Presentation Programs

I’m going to lay out a short synopsis of some of the latest trial presentation programs in hope that this will make your decision making easier.


Trial Director


  • Grid-view for building, editing, sorting and managing large databases
  • Coding in databases using tabs
  • Simple video clip creation via: page: line, start: end or text selection with the clip wizard and segment editor
  • Fast and precise clip editing
  • Visual display waveform editor
  • Document explorer for searching exhibits with either an exhibit number or barcode
  • Dual screen mirror mode feature for working in one document/screen while displaying results on the other screen
  • Flash animation for moving presentations


Visionary Pro

visionary legal technologies

  • Issue builders
  • Full text search
  • Configurable document database for easy coding, indexing and searching
  • Video-text synching for scripted presentations
  • Easy removal of text and video
  • Voice recognition audio-video synchronizing tool
  • QuickSync for synching, uploading or sending transcripts and video/audio
  • Scan for generating or organizing TIFF and JPEG documents
  • Transcript Utility tool standardized audio-video transcripts and for hyperlinking exhibits and documents
  • Search, find and present on the fly
  • More than one million documents per case capacity
  • Export presentation as an .html file
  • Bates numbering
  • Desktop optical character recognition (OCR)
  • Export to PowerPoint
  • Play .mdb files
  • Track deadlines via Quick Sync




  • Graphics tools for annotating exhibits
  • Rotate and annotate PDF’s
  • Multi-page document display available in the thumbnail format
  • Videotape clip tool with colored issue codes
  • Easy video clip text redaction
  • Database management in grid-view format
  • Collapsible side-bar
  • Context sensitive ribbon menus
  • Carousel feature allowing for adding and rotating exhibits
  • Single or dual screen presentations modes
  • On-line synchronization service
  • Microsoft Access databases enabled easy portability
  • Integrates with several industry recognized third party applications


Trial Touch


  • iPad platform
  • Easy touch-screen technology
  • Colored tabs for separating documents to organize files
  • Search document database for file by name or description
  • Upload videos and any relevant trial exhibits directly to the iPad
  • Print exhibits wirelessly via WiFi
  • Present, redact, highlight, and zoom documents at trial
  • Project video reenactments, animations, and photographs
  • Assign exhibits with the “exhibit border” feature
  • Manage multiple trials at once
  • Upload and download content wirelessly
  • Navigate through entire cases
  • Synch from anywhere via cloud servers
  • Optimize illustrations, videos and medical animations
  • Quick-browse exhibit locator

Some of you might be thinking that all of this great but I have PowerPoint and I want to use that.

While, PowerPoint is a great feature rich presentation tool it is very generic. Others like TrialDirector, Sanction and Visionary are geared toward the legal field and there end result is for presenting to a judges, jurors, mediators and arbitrators alike.

In Conclusion

When it comes to trial presentation software, it comes down to which one gives you the most useful features for you. While I believe TrialDirector is the best one out of these four. Ted Brooks, a trial consultant, speaker and law technology writer said that “Any of them will do the job far better than attempting to present evidence using something like hard copies and an ELMO (electronic document camera) or PowerPoint”. Brooks is correct, presentation matters in any case. It can determine how convincing of case you have and what results you can get.

Honorable Mentions

Though I decided not to dive into every available software, I did feel we needed to mention these very capable court presentation software packages.





Clarity Legal – DepoSmart


Have any insights regarding these or any other softwares? Please leave a comment below.



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