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Adobe Audition For Legal Depositions Editing

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If you are in the business of legal videography you might have noticed that over the last 10 years, Adobe has made some major changes to keep up with the market.

 adobe audition for legal videography

From my perspective not only as a legal videographer but also as a graphic designer, I see Adobe as the Apple of the creative software industry. They have not only set industry standards in function but also for creating easy user interfaces that really grab their audiences and allow them to create work efficiently. Now that I have proclaimed my love for everything Adobe, I want to focus on an aspect of legal videography that sometimes goes overlooked in our industry.

The Power of Clean, Noise Free Audio in Your Deposition Video

Audio mastering for your legal video, at least to me, is one of the forgotten attributes of producing a great video for your clients. I am not talking about manipulating any of the audio but cleaning it up by removing outside noise airplanes or cars, air conditioners or even electrical hum produced by the video equipment.

remove the noise from audio

There is nothing worse than watching a deposition that has a small hum or irritating crackling on the audio. To help produce the best quality audio you can, it is best to repair it so that your clients, and even the jury, is not distracted from hums, hisses and outside noise.

This were a great set of software can improve your video quality.

Audition at least to me the best choice when learning to master audio and repair it. Audition in some aspects is Soundbooth on steroids. All the lost functions from Soundbooth are found in Audition. For instance Soundbooth doesn’t have a multi band compressor but Audition does. When applying the multiband compressor.

Audio Forensics – Getting a Handle on Adobe Soundbooth

The multiband compressor in itself gives you full control of its parameters with individual threshold, gain, ratio, attack and release for each bandwidth. Also the effect allows you better customization of the bandwidths to help with better frequency adjustments.

It is hard to be critical of what Soundbooth has done for me. In all intents and purposes it fits perfectly with doing minor audio repair and simple adjustments to enhance the minor sound dynamics. The features in Soundbooth are great only in that it is integrates very well with Premiere Pro but other than that isn’t very dynamic.

For instance, when applying something as simple as an EQ effect, it gives you a very simple adjustment graph that doesn’t allow you to be very precise with your parameters. Mostly it is a parametric EQ with low, mid and high adjustments and depending on which version you are using won’t let you fine tune your limits for each parameter. While Soundbooth does have noise reduction effects and they do work well with removing the noise it does weaken the sound and will require more adjustments to strengthen it.

In Summary

All in all, Soundbooth is great despite its lack of fully developed effects and is a great place for beginners to start. While Audition is better, and is my final choice when it comes to audio software, Soundbooth is simple to use and can give you a definite baseline to start from when learning how to master audio. Coupled with its integration with Premiere Pro it can help any videographer get his or her feet wet in repairing audio for their next deposition.

Lastly, if you are looking for a free audio editor with ton’s of capability, I cannot overlook Audacity.


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